How We Work

We get the right people on the right aircraft at the right time to make your charter a success. Whether you need to get the Popemobile from Mexico or some ancient ice from Greenland to a research lab in the U.S. we will:

• Secure the best aircraft for the mission
• Negotiate the right price
• Establish and monitor schedules
• Follow the flight and keep you updated
• Manage security, permits and documentation
• Ensure fuel availability
• Secure qualified handlers and special handling equipment for unique cargo
• Arrange all ground handling equipment
• Arrange ground transportation
• Arrange courier or limousine service
• Provide on-site supervision as required

On The Fly – Every mission, every project, every flight requires expertise and agility. We have access to thousands of planes worldwide and a powerful database of contacts that help us maneuver the logistics of any mission.

No Boundaries – Our network helps us move any size cargo beyond borders and through time zones regardless of space requirements. We can secure aircraft, equipment, ground transport and government approvals and permits quickly.

We’re On Your Time – Sometimes you just feel the need for speed . . . and we can deliver. We are on your time. We’ll do everything possible to get your cargo to its destination on your schedule . . . not ours.

Cargo Services

• Oversized/Industrial Equipment
• High Value Cargo
• Hazardous Materials
• Perishable Cargo
• Organ Transport
• Live Animals

Passenger Services

• Executive Transport
• Medical Teams
• Sports Teams
• Large Groups Cargo
• Celebrities
• Technicians

Key Industries Served

Oil and Gas, Exploration/Refining, Hi-Tech, Aerospace, Government, Airline, Military/Peacekeeping, Nuclear Energy, Mining, Telecommunications, Construction, Automotive, Banking, Medical, Humanitarian


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