Tiger Tales

We love a challenge. We’ve moved everything from aircraft engines to ostriches to ancient ice core for scientific research. Here are just a few of the challenges we have helped our customers solve through our charter management expertise:

Challenge:  Move the remains of a former Vice President of the Dominican Republic.

Solution:  Coordinate the transfer of the casket from Houston to Santo Domingo in time for a State Funeral, using our sister airline, Cherry Air.

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Challenge:  Move very sensitive, high-value medical equipment from the U.S. to Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Solution:  Coordinate the transfer between airlines in the U.S., provided a significant cost saver for the customer, and insured that the freight was managed in accordance with all handling instructions.

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Challenge:  Move pipes urgently for an oil refinery over a  recent weekend.

Solution:  Manager of Operations and Sales,  Mike Johannsen, creatively executed this mission. The pricing was kept affordable by finding the best way to fit the long pipes into the available aircraft. The charter was dispatched from Houston to Seattle.



Challenge:  Move a 1965 Shelby Cobra replica from Houston, Texas to Europe to be part of a car show.

Solution:  Our new operations agent, Jose Cedillo, arranged for the Shelby Cobra replica  to go onto a 747 freighter that had enough space to house a 16 foot airline pallet. Tailwind was able to utilize a co-load and thereby save the customer a significant  amount of money.



Challenge: Return of the Navy Surveillance EP-3 aircraft from China.

Solution:  Michele Wilkinson set up a hub operation in Okinawa. A Gulfstream IV took the Lockheed technicians to Lingshui to dismantle the EP-3.  After many AN 124 flights with dismantled pieces, the final flight brought the fuselage home to the USA.



Challenge: Move rock-band equipment for three back-to back concerts in different states.

Solution: Flew the equipment from Chicago to Phoenix to New York City in a Convair
turboprop over a two-day period – 3,700 miles!



Challenge: Fly critical natural gas equipment from Dallas, TX to get to Miami, FL in time to reach a scheduled flight to Aruba.

Solution: The eleven foot long crate will just fit into a Learjet. The flight time was only one hour and fifty-five minutes!



Challenge: Move high value communications equipment from Plano, TX to Port au Prince, Haiti right away.

Solution: We flew a 727 into the Addison, Texas Airport, just minutes away from Plano, to avoid the congestion of DFW airport.



Challenge: Deliver critical tradeshow graphics delayed in Dallas, TX to Las Vegas, NV that afternoon in time for a convention.

Solution: A Falcon in the Dallas area was available and the graphics were flown in with time to spare!



Challenge: Move a 44-foot racing boat to Italy for a race.

Solution: A co-load opportunity became available and a 747 freighter; flew from New York and moved it for a fraction of the cost of a charter.



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